Skin at eleven is a small family run business offering handmade soaps, bath soaks, bath teas, facial oils, and body butter. All of our products are made in-house and in small batches to ensure quality and care. We dedicate a lot of time to perfecting our products so you can fully enjoy what they have to offer. We also strive to create zero-waste products, with packaging that can easily be recycled and reused.

Our Name

Growing up, we always made a wish at 11:11. It was a time to stop, reflect and wish for something we wanted. We have always been dreamers and this company has been one of our desires. To work together as a family and produce a product with love and care that people can enjoy. Our hope is that as you use our products you too can wish and dream big. Cheers to your new beginnings and great skin!



Please note that our staff are NOT medical or healthcare professionals and do not claim that the use of our products may always have a positive effect. We ask that if you have any allergies or sensitivities that you make sure to look through the ingredients of each product and please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to using. Some products or essential oils should not be used by women that are breastfeeding or during pregnancy. 

*some products may cross paths or be made with ingredients related to peanuts or other types of nuts*